Dress Shirt Studs

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Are you planning to wear a tuxedo to a formal occasion? Then why not add that special touch to your outfit with our exquisite stud buttons. Each piece of jewelry is handmade from high-quality 925 silver and comes in six different designs for you to choose from. No matter which model you prefer, it will add a refined and elegant touch to your look.

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229.00 €
196.00 €
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Skull & Bones
171.00 €

What are stud buttons?

Stud buttons are an essential part of formal men's clothing and are usually worn for festive occasions such as weddings, balls, or operas. Together with the tuxedo, which is traditionally combined with a white shirt, a bow tie, and black shoes, the stud buttons complete the outfit perfectly. They are used for the shirt and are offered in sets of 4 or 5 buttons.


If you prefer a classic style, you will probably like our plain polished design or our monogrammed model .

With Color

Our designs with blue or red circles add some color to your outfit. For those who prefer something less colorful but still more than just plain silver, the model with a black highlight is the right choice.

Rock 'n' Roll

Our models with a skull motif offer an extraordinary eye-catcher. If you want to stand out a little with your elegant outfit, this is the right choice. This design adds a rock 'n' roll note to your appearance.